About Joan

Since 1996, Joan Frye Williams has been an independent consultant focused on re-imagining libraries for a changing environment. Her specialities include innovation, technology as it relates to human behavior, the importation of new techniques from other disciplines into the library field, and the service needs and preferences of non-library “civilians." ...read more


Some consultants are hired for what they can do. Others are hired for what they know. Joan is hired for what she thinks. Adding her perspective to your process will help you work several moves ahead - uncovering possibilities, avoiding pitfalls, and generally making sense of large amounts of (sometimes conflicting) information. The goal is to help you develop ideas, products, and experiences ...read more

New & Next

  • I’m Back!

    My sabbatical is over and I’m feeling all re-invented and re-focused. Highlights of the new normal include: Emphasis on public libraries and related organizations, Commitment to working primarily virtually, More activity in the area of leadership development, More time for ...read more